Global movement labour film festivals

Nordic Labour Film festival (NLFF) will join the growing global movement of labour movement festivals throughout the world.

In 2011, the first ever conference of labour film festival organisers took place in Washington DC, the purpose was to try to kick-start a worldwide labour film festival movement. The number of organisers attending from across the globe was a testament to the growing interest in this area of film. These conferences have continued ever since and we are now into our fifth year.

The festivals represented at the conference were at very differing levels of experience, new people and new events just getting started, as well as organisers of festivals with a long and rich history.

There were countries with a strong labour film festival movement including South Africa, Korea and Turkey. All this illustrates the growing movement around these types of films.

There are also projects running across North America and Europe.  It is interesting to note that many labour film festival organisers have grown out of the labour movement, so were fledgling navigators through the film industry.

LFF around the globe: